World Premier of the National Parks Mural at the Good Sam Club Samboree in North Haverhill! Mural painters Amy Labrecque, and graduating Senior, Cheyenne Godfrey, Christopher Morse, Katherine Labrecque, and Superintendent Patrick Andrew and his son were there for the occasion. During the Samboree opening ceremonies we were thanked for the effort by Good Sam Director Arvilla Goss and we enjoyed a standing ovation then we were given a donation! Thanks to all the other students and faculty that participated: Kobe Van Beest, Abbey Bailey, Shelby Mayville, Eliis Murphy, Rachael Piotte, and others in Art Club.

Congrats to Canaan Elementary School for being named a 2015 Blue Ribbon School from the U.S. Department of Education!

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Hand Woven Mural

Tapestry artist Rebecca Powell met with Principal Jim Collins, Friends of Mascoma’s Carolyn Cusick, and Experiencing the Arts Director Christopher Morse to present final designs for the hand woven mural she will weave at Mascoma High School. The four by six foot mural will be permanently displayed in the newly renovated high school.

Experiencing the Arts and Friends of Mascoma coordinated efforts and combined an Artist's Residency with enrichment that will enhance the renovated high school. Last spring, Mascoma's Art students in Christopher Morse’s Art 2, Drawing and Portfolio enjoyed an Artist in Residency program with tapestry artist Rebecca Powell. Elements from the students' exploration of "patterns in nature" have been included in the final design of a large tapestry that Rebecca will weave for the renovated high school. Students in Mr. Shinnlinger's classes are constructing the four by six foot loom that Rebecca will use to weave. She will be weaving the mural in the new lobby of the high school and invites students (and others) to watch the progress.

In addition, talks are underway to include her in a discussion/demonstration about dye chemistry with the Chemistry class and English students in Shannon Hurd’s classes may contribute to a blog about the progress of the mural. Rebecca Powell has also invited the students that worked on the designs for "patterns in nature" to help her weave the tapestry while she works on it in the school lobby.

Students Celebrate our Public Lands at the First Ever Queen City Arts & Crafts Show

Mascoma Valley Regional High School will bring to the Queen City Art and Craft show a celebration of our public lands comprised of a multifaceted interaction with patrons of the Queen City Craft Fair! Mascoma High School Art Teacher Christopher Morse explains. “This past summer, I immersed myself in the outdoors deeper than I ever have, spending several weeks continuously in the woods doing sections of the 160+ miles of the New Hampshire Appalachian Trail (NH AT). I took hundreds of photographs and with these, I encourage students to learn the art of engraving while celebrating the beauty of our White Mountain National Forest and the NH AT. I offer engraving workshops. Some of my Mascoma Valley Regional High School students will demonstrate their engravings and have them available for sale. They will also assist running two workshops to explore engraving at noon and two P.M. on Saturday, October 31st and Sunday, November 1st. Many proofs of engravings done at these workshops will be included with a display about the NH AT. The engraving workshop will explore creating space with a variety of tones and values, linear contouring, and other techniques of dry point engraving. Participants would receive a hand pulled proof of their engraving printed by me and a second proof would become part of the display. I will show my etchings, photography and art. I hope you choose to explore engraving at our workshop”

Portland Science Center for the Body Worlds Show

October 28th Experiencing the Arts sponsored a freshman class trip to the Portland Science Center for the Body Worlds Show. The trip included the freshman class, Bio Club and advanced Art students. Ninety-six students and chaperones attended the show.“Body Worlds is the first exhibition of its kind to inform the visitor about anatomy, Body Worlds exhibition contains real human specimens, including whole-body plastinates as well as individual organs, organ configurations, and transparent body slices. The spectacular plastinates in the exhibition take the visitor on an exciting journey of discovery under the skin. The exhibition features a unique collection of 200 authentic human specimens—including whole bodies, individual organs, and transparent body slices. Plastination is a process that replaces the natural fluids in the body with a type of flexible plastic. This allows the bodies to be fixed into lifelike poses that illustrate how our bodies are structured and how they function when performing everyday activities. The use of plastic for preservation also means that the specimens are odourless and completely dry. It provides wide-ranging insight into the anatomy and physiology of the human body. In addition to organ functions, common diseases are described in an easily understood manner by comparing healthy and affected organs. They show the long-term impact of diseases and addictions, such as tobacco or alcohol consumption, and demonstrate the mechanics of artificial knee and hip joints. The poses of the plastinates have been carefully thought out and serve educational aims. Each plastinate is posed to show different anatomical features. For instance, the athletic poses illustrate the use of muscle systems while playing sports. The poses are chosen to highlight specific anatomical features and allow the visitor to compare the plastinate to his or her own body.”

December 12, 6-8 P.M., we had an excellent time at the 2015 Alumni Ceramic All Stars! Mascoma Alumni going back to 2005 participated

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